Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

I’m bummed I missed Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings last night.  They played at the El Rey, but it was sold out.

My friend burned me a special copy of their 2002 CD, and it sounded so amazing and so classic, I thought it was an undiscovered 60’s gem.  Turns out Sharon Jones was only born in 1956 and is just getting her career going.  This is prime stuff, in the vein of Ike and Tina or the 60’s Isley Brothers or Lou Rawls. I’m an asshole for missing it, but will not repeat the mistake.

Here’s another vid. Ignore the goofy dancing (actually don’t ignore it, because it’s amazing) and listen to this amazing rendition of Kenny Rogers & the First Edition’s “Just Dropped In to See What Condition My Condition Was In.”


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2 thoughts on “Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

  1. I missed it too – won’t happen again.
    I did however make to Amoeba on Monday for their in-store which was incredible as expected. 4 songs equaled the power of an entire show by any other band.
    I first saw them in some below ground cave-like club in New York 3 years ago (forget the name). After the show I bought ever item they had to sell. I still need to get the new album, but it sounds good from what they played at the instore.

    check out Betty LaVette’s version of “what condition my condition is in” she fucking growls!

  2. I missed out on this show too. It was sold out. But here’s my foxy bandmate shaking it onstage with Ms. Jones last week at the El Rey gig. I hope this photo posts:

    I saw Sharon Jones a couple of years ago at Sunset Junction and she ruled the school, absolutely.

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