Dave Day Havlicek R.I.P.

Dave Day, banjo player of the Monks, a former G.I. who spent the years following the breakup of the Monks as an indigent homeless man in Germany who forgot his native English, only to find his way back to the U.S., sanity, and happiness years later in time to play in a reformed version of the Monks at Cavestomp ’99, died yesterday of a heart attack that led to massive brain injury.

I met him a couple years ago, when my girlfriend and I went to the Don’t Knock the Rock Film Festival in L.A. to see You’re Gonna Miss Me, the Roky Erickson documentary.  The Monks documentary was playing the next day, so he was there, decked out in Monks garb, as an honored guest.  Dave and his wife got to chatting with us after the movie, and he was so nice.  He even told me my girlfriend was a “lil’ cutie pie!”  He gave me his business card and said we could come visit him in Washington whenever we were up there.

Well, I never got a chance to get up there and take advantage of it, or email him a thank you for being so awesome.  And now sadly, he’s gone.  If you’re near Renton, WA, you can find out more about his funeral service here.

Here is Dave rockin’ out on the banjo in happier times.  I wish I’d gotten to see them play live during their reunion, but I’m so glad Dave got to be there to do it.

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