Hot Women

Call me old fashioned, but the hottest women I’ve seen this week (apart from my girlfriend) were Shirley MacLaine…

…and Marion Byron!

My girlfriend and some friends and I saw Steamboat Bill, Jr. at the Orpheum in L.A. on Friday, as part of the “Wurlitzer Weekend.”  I almost think that’s the way you have to watch silent films–with a live organ accompaniment, and in a theater.  This is a very funny movie even today, what with Buster Keaton’s great physical comedy, and the cyclone sequence at the end was amazing!

The Shirley MacLaine vehicle above is What a Way to Go, a comedy in which she gets married to Dick Van Dyke, Gene Kelly, Robert Mitchum, and Paul Newman, each of whom gets hugely successful but then is killed in an ironic fashion.  It’s a must-see for her costumes alone.  Plus she gets to dance with Gene Kelly and parodies French new wave cinema as well as the Beach Party movies!  Oh, and Dean Martin’s in it, too.


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One thought on “Hot Women

  1. I agree with your rating of both of these gorgeous gals. I’m just plum smitten with Shirley MacLaine in that movie. She is irresistibly charming and adorable. Apparently, that film was originally intended as a vehicle for Marilyn Monroe, but they replaced her with Shirley MacLaine. Thank goodness, as I don’t think MM could have proven an equally spunky and likable heroine.

    Similarly, the foxy flapper bob, wardrobe, and makeup of Marion Byron really does it for me. Dig on those shoes!

    “I think that you and I should get acquainted…….”

    If you sign in to your netflix account, you can watch another preview of What a Way to Go:

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