Quazar & the Bamboozled

I just learned that Quazar & the Bamboozled are playing out again!  This is one of those bands I discovered right when I was getting out of college about nine years ago, that played the local scene at Mr. T’s and stuff like that.  Like Sounds of Asteroth or Dark Meat, they crammed tons of people in outlandish costumes onto tiny stages to play solid horns and strings, both electric and acoustic, while Quazar himself (actually Brandon Jay) would play lead piano and sing songs about putting us in zoos.  And like a few bands that have sprung out of the hyper-talented children who run Amoeba Records, a bunch of the people on stage with them might be your favorite local heroes.  It was kind of like Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem (whom they literally covered, doing “Can You Picture That?”) meets Wizzard meets Randy Newman, and live it was a glittery doo-dah parade of a band.  It was a spectacle, and we all needed some spectacle in our life at that time, right when the Repubs were about to win everything and 9/11 would be giving them the excuse to shit on us and the world for years to come.

Anyway, Brandon Jay kind of gave it up for a while in order to play with the 88 and a bunch of other bands I probably don’t know about.  But they’re playing in some form tonight at the Fold for a Nilsson tribute night!  And Creekbird‘s following them, and he’s another amazing talented act–just a one-man band, but he often sounds like a bubblegum orchestra.  Be there or be square. 


Oklahoman by birth. Angeleno by fate. I've been in half a dozen bands and own 25 cubic feet of old records. Thank God for Ikea shelves.

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