The Avengers’ “Be a Caveman”

Can there be any doubt that “Be a Caveman” by the Avengers is the most awesome fucking garage rock song of all time?  Sure, “Louie Louie” was more popular, but it was about some Jamaican calypso bullshit, not teenagers asserting their pubescent masculinity.  From the punky, disjangled guitars, to the smirky laid-back snarl of the vocals, to the goofily/gleefully misogynistic lyrics about pulling girls by the hair and holding them tighter than a grizzly bear, to the half-hearted young boy back-up “ooh-oooh-ooooh-ooooohs,” to the crazy monkey noises in the background, “Be a Caveman” has it all.  It’s like what Shaggy and Jughead might sing about if they finally graduated from food to girls and listened to some old Bo Diddley lyrics.

Of course it’s been covered by a bunch of bands, the Dwarves’ version being a personal favorite.  Here are some random versions I found on YouTube.  You just can’t go wrong when you play this song (unless you’re at a NOW convention):

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  1. hallo you’re right this song is really magnificient want you please to send me the lyrics I really like to play this thank you and greetings from palermo

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