Dianne Feinstein and her goddam FISA bill amendments

Whoa!  Somehow in trying to add a P.S. to this article, I totally deleted it!  How did that happen?  I know I’m on a lot of DayQuil today, but I didn’t click SAVE or even Enter!

 Anyway, fuck it.  Call your senators and tell them that Feinstein’s amendments are crap:

Capitol switchboard (to connect to your senators): 202-224-3121

Diane Feinstein (CA)
310-914-7300 (Los Angeles)
202-224-3841 (Washington, DC)
(Feinstein is on the fence.)

Barbara Boxer (CA)
213-894-5000 (Los Angeles)
202-224-3553 (Washington, DC)
(Boxer is probably going to support the filibuster.)

Stand with the vast majority of voters who want Bush’s illegal wiretap program ended, investigated and punished.


Guided by Voices? Built to Spill? Crappy as Shit!

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