Californians – Vote for Obama Today!

I’m just a shameless music blogger with only a very rough armchair quarterback’s view of politics.  But as a man who values privacy rights, thwarting right-wingers, tolerance, peace (when we can afford it), the environment, and a Democratic and liberal future, I say Hillary is not the one.  Dodd is good, Edwards unfortunately is out, but of the candidates who can win, and who can inspire, Obama is the best.

The best email I’ve yet read in praise of Obama was distributed just a few days ago from a friend of mine, Kyle (formerly of the now defunct Ostrich Ink, now of Flaunt and others).  Greg posted it over at The Talent Show.  For any who are on the fence about whether to go for “the woman or the black dude,” I think the examined choice leaves no doubt as to who our commander-in-chief:

Hillary… has voted for anti-Democratic bills like the Patriot Act.  And she not only authorized the War in Iraq (a vote she refuses to apologize for, unlike John Edwards), she gave Bush similar authorization for an invasion in Iran. Why would we run such a hawkish, conservative Democrat when we don’t have to? And make no mistake, you know Hillary would pick a VP even more hawkish than she in order to offset any idea she might not be tough on national security. Obama was against the War in Iraq from the very beginning. Imagine if we’d had his leadership back then, instead of Democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton compromising party ideals with an eye toward their Presidential run!

I agree so much with this sentiment.  I want someone I can vote for, not hold my nose and vote with just so we don’t get McCain or Romney.  And a man who speaks with the truth, not just with what’s popular, is what we need right now as the antidote to the last eight years of brutal insanity.  Vote for this man, please, so we can get back to a rational world, where we don’t appease Republicans, we stick to our guns and to a sane, moral interpretation of the Constitution, where we don’t let special interests fuck us with their wallets (maybe some good oral sodomy now and again, but not total K Street carnality), and where just maybe someone talks tough and acts tougher.  Obama is the man I’m voting for, and I hope y’all do the same.

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