Will Gary Glitter be pardoned by the Vietnamese today?

Today’s Lunar New Years Day for folks in China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and pretty much all the cool Asian countries thereabouts.

It’s the Year of the Rat–but for Gary Glitter, it may still be the year of the Pig, as the Vietnamese traditionally give amnesty to a slew of criminals, even sex offenders, of which he is one.

Every year at major national holidays, the Vietnam President authorises amnesty for prisoners. In two weeks time, Vietnam will ring in the Lunar New Year, or Tet, the Southeast Asian country’s most important celebration.

“My client is on the list for Tet amnesty consideration and I expect to hear the final decision in a few days,” lawyer Le Thanh Kinh told Reuters in Ho Chi Minh City.

“If he is amnestied he will be released very soon, probably next week,” Kinh said.

I love love love Glitter’s rock and roll songs from the Seventies–a shameless opportunist in the best possible way, he gave glam rock a much-needed Neanderthal thud, some rockabilly swagger, and some camp and levity, just when it was threatening to become as pompous as before it had merely pretended to be.  He caused a ricochet backlash in the glitter rock community that caused T. Rex to go funk, Bowie to get even darker, Sweet to go harder, and pretty much everybody else to jump the glam rock regatta entirely for the Next Big Thing.  Plus he gave me the only song I really liked hearing when I had to work at Driller Stadium in my youth, “Rock and Roll Part II.”

But does that mean I think he should be pardoned, just because he’s a rocker?  Of course the answer is no… but then again, it’s not like he hasn’t paid at least some of his dues, being locked up in jail for two years.  It’s terrible to molest children, but have you seen how skinny he looks in his photos?  He probably doesn’t get fed very well, nor treated with the kindest of courtesies by the same folks who tortured John McCain for five years.

If we’re looking solely at his crimes in Vietnam, of molesting some teenagers at his villa, then perhaps we might see why getting out a little early would make sense.  His behavior isn’t that much different from Jerry Lee Lewis or Ted Nugent or Jimmy Page, who, though loathsome, never saw a jail cell, and even had their relationships with teens somewhat recognized and applauded by the public.  I’m not saying it’s right, but I’m not saying it deserves life in prison (or the harsh sentencing that I would approve for someone molesting a prepubescent child).

Knowing Gary Glitter’s history, though, of evading trial in various countries, or being kicked out of Cambodia and Cuba for perversity (can you imagine how bad he must have been there?), we know that releasing him would be simply releasing a monster.  He wouldn’t get out and do rock shows.  He’d get out, move to Hong Kong, and pay low, dastardly people a lot of money to set him up with children and send him kiddie porn.  I say let him stew in a Vietnamese jail cell a little longer.

Update: while researching Gary’s diarrhea in Vietnam, I learned that the defendants in his trial were actually only ELEVEN years old at the time of his raping/molesting them!  This is far worse than any jailbait a member of KISS or even R. Kelly may have deflowered.  This guy should rot in jail.  Let’s not forget the 4000 images of child porn they found on his computer in the U.K. either!  I don’t even have 4000 pictures of myself!

3 thoughts on “Will Gary Glitter be pardoned by the Vietnamese today?

  1. It is such a HUGE dissapoinment when you learn that some of your heros, which inevitably seems par for the course of Rock n Rollers , are immeasurable scumbags.
    I have always been a big fan of his too, even posed for a photo with him once with his short eyed hand on my shoulder.

    When a sexual predator has been banned from entering a country like Thailand or Cambodia , who have very loose laws in regard to loose laws regarding sex and minors and this person seeks pleasure elsewhere and assumes they can get away with statutory rape, I don’t giving a flying F how artistically talented the scumbag is.

    He is a predator with a serious problem and needs to be treated as such.
    To be pardoned would only give him carte blanche to continue his pursuits.

    He needs to be put in rehab, permanently .

    At his age I doubt he will change , but maybe he can be given time to rectify his issues.

  2. Having been to Vietnam and having read a lot about what is deemed appropriate (or not) there, I think it’s important to understand that this is not a sexually open or liberated country we are talking about. Being openly sexual (even holding hands and kissing) in public is absolutely looked down upon in Vietnam. Lowcut clothing on women, heck EVEN BATHING SUITS aren’t socially acceptable. People wore their normal street clothes on the beach and in the water. So, manhandling young teenage girls in public (I believe he touched a teen waitress’ bum??) and shacking up with underage girls you aren’t married to is probably more of a violation of social norms there than it is here in the U.S.. This is why he is suffering and people like Jerry Lee Lewis (at least he had the decency to wed his little girl) and Jimmy Page haven’t ever seen the inside of a jail cell for their pedophilia. There is no international law about this, so he broke the law in a particular country, precisely because he thought he could subvert the law there, and now has to suffer the consequences.

    And he’s probably so thin because eating pho every meal can give a person the shits.

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