Senate passes FISA bill with retroactive immunity for illegal spying

“We’ve just sanctioned the single largest invasion of privacy in American history.” – Sen. Chris Dodd

 This stinks, and Firedoglake said it distinctly.

The FISA bill passed by the Senate is a disgrace. By legalizing warrantless spying on Americans and granting retroactive amnesty to lawbreaking telecoms, the Senate seeks to ensure that the Bush administration’s illegal spying programs are never investigated or subjected to the rule of law. The Senate bill is a profound betrayal of the votes of millions of Americans who voted in 2006 to put Democrats in control of Congress in order to increase, not eliminate, checks and oversight on this administration, and to restore the rule of law to our country.

Our only hope now to hold giant, evil, spying, collaborating, cowardly telecoms responsible for the infringements on our civil liberties they’ve shamelessly done is to get the House of Representatives to stand behind the RESTORE act they already passed last year, and not to pass this new legislation:

The House’s RESTORE Act is an infinitely superior bill. It provides real safeguards on the President’s spying powers while providing him with the surveillance powers he needs to protect the country. It enables the issue of the legality of the President’s spying programs to be decided where it belongs — in a court of law. And it preserves the crucial balance that has existed for decades between enabiling necessary surveillance on Americans and ensuring that our political leaders do not abuse that power.

Go to Firedoglake now and sign this petition.  Hopefully this travesty will not get past the House.

Crooks and Liars has an excellent breakdown of the vote here.  Obama was there and voted against it, McCain voted for it, and Clinton was not there to vote, which is basically the same as voting for it when the vote is so crucial and the odds are stacked so unfairly.

2 thoughts on “Senate passes FISA bill with retroactive immunity for illegal spying

  1. This is all part of the same agenda to 9/11. Always has been, folks. Wait till they pass S-1959. Everything that people have been saying all down the years is becoming crystal clear. Everyone called them crackpots and anti-Semites, but it looks like the joke has been on us!
    I write more here (and has been the target of censorship): http://incogman.wordpress.com/

  2. incogman, your site is great. I had no idea that the Bolsheviks were all Jews! It kind of confuses me then why Stalin would then kill so many Jews during his reign, or why none of the great Soviet heroes were Jews, but hey, consistency shouldn’t get in the way of your paranoid hatred! See you at the Da Vinci Code book signing.

    Seriously, if we’re going to blame people for 9/11 and for not-so-creeping fascism in our country, it’s the Texans, not the Jews. And I say that as a descendant of Texans.

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