The Trashwomen Rock(ed)!

Back in the mid-late ’90s, when I moved to California, I was in my late teens, jaded with Lookout Records era punk and so-called “alternative” rock, and looking for the next cool thing.  The trash rock shows at Hollywood Moguls (thanks, Ralph!), and in particular, surf/instro bands such as the Bomboras, Davie Allan, and the Untamed Youth, proved to me that the loudest, dirtiest, funnest, most cacophonous sounds around were instrumental surf/biker tunes, coming from Fender amps with a whole lotta reverb. 

I ended up becoming an instrumental rock DJ for three years at my college radio station.  My most favorite band on record, though, was one I never got to see live.  San Francisco’s Trashwomen had everything–lo-fi recording, washed-out dirty reverb, lots of instrumentals, lots of great, obscure covers, and lots and lots of high-pitched, abrasive screaming!  They were the perfect blend of the Fender Four, the Astronauts, Ralph Nielsen & the Chancellors, and Annette!  What could be more awesome?

Now in the YouTube era, not only can I see that these gals were just as good live as their records would suggest, but they were also not terrible to look at!  Oh, to relive my youth in San Francisco. 

Years later, of course, the band kinda morphed into the Bobbyteens.  I did see this incarnation a bunch of times, even opened for them with a band or two–what with Russell Quan and Tina Lucessi at the helm, they weren’t half bad.  But dammit, it wasn’t surf, it kind of seemed like a less-pure sequel to the original, and it just wasn’t as much fun to hear retro Runaways songs in an era when lots of bands were busy at work killing that legacy. 

 The Trashwomen apparently reunited once, a couple months back, but it was at the Stork Club in Oakland and I was stuck down here in L.A.  I would give my eye teeth to see a Trashwomen reformation play.  Heck, I’d even quit my lucrative blogging gig and roadie for them!  Please God, after 8 years of the Bush presidency, I at least deserve this.


Oklahoman by birth. Angeleno by fate. I've been in half a dozen bands and own 25 cubic feet of old records. Thank God for Ikea shelves.

2 thoughts on “The Trashwomen Rock(ed)!

  1. Then give me your eyes and teeth because The Trashwomen are reuniting one more time!!

    This time they’re playing down in LA at Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park!!

    The date will be July 12th with many more cool bands on the bill!!

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