Afri Cola

I just learned that Galco’s used to carry Afri Cola, until like two years ago! 

I discovered this old German cola through a commercial that was in the Monks documentary I saw a couple years back at Don’t Knock the Rock.  Designed by Yves Klein protege Charles Wilp, the commercial was originally intended to have Monks music in it.  Instead, it ended up simply displaying Fellini-esque hippies and sexy nuns slurping down cola while boogie-ing to a harsh soundtrack, all the scenes obscured by frosted wet glass.

Look closely.  One of these models apparently is Donna Summer, and one is Lily Marlene’s mom!  I think I might also see Ultra Violet (or is it Cherry Vanilla?) and maybe another Warhol starlet or two.

While these commercials seem super f-ing strange to my eyes, apparently Germany circa 1968-71 was a weird place, and this cola had fallen on hard times, so they needed a good eye catcher.  Wilp had also done very successful campaigns for Volvo and West German politicians, so they just trusted his judgment and let him have free reign.  And the sodas sold! 

Man, do I wish I was 25 in the late sixties/early seventies.  Lusty commercials, sodas with 250 milligrams of caffeine (okay, I guess we have that now), no hiv or herp, and Marc Bolan was just getting started.  Take a look at this commercial below, and tell me how life could be better.


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