Nikki Corvette at Mr. T’s

My main man Danny just blogged about Friday’s Real Boss Hoss celebration at Mr. T’s, over on the L.A. Record.  I was there as well, but had seen some of these bands last week already, so it was interesting to get a fresh perspective.

While Danny does give lots of well-deserved praise to the opening band, Some Dudes [that’s their real name, not a journalistic flourish, e.d.], he kind of skipped over talking about Nikki Corvette.  And let me tell you why–not because we were both totally drunk by that point, but because she was dull as dishwater!  I’ve seen her live before a couple times over the years, and it strikes me that the secret to Nikki Corvette’s rockster success is that she was sorta-kinda in the same girl-rock genre as the Runaways at a time when Every Band Counted, and so we talk highly of her as if she’s formative.

But she’s not.  I’m not saying that she’s not catchy in those old old recordings.  But at best, she is an also-ran in a sea of better also-rans.  She’s from the seventies, she was lucky enough to land on a couple Bomp comps next to Stiv Bators and Willy Alexander, and people probably think she sang “Johnny Are You Queer?” even though she didn’t.  I’m sure she’s a nice gal, and she has a lot of youthful enthusiasm.  But all’s I’m saying is, I’m trying to drink less these days, but not when she’s playing.

P.S. Real Boss Hoss is still awesome, and you should go to every show.


Guided by Voices? Built to Spill? Crappy as Shit!

5 thoughts on “Nikki Corvette at Mr. T’s

  1. I think you’re full of shit. Nikki Corvette’s alright. And Jimmy, the guitarist for her, was also the guitarist for the band you like, Some Dudes, who you concede were awesome. So you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Oh, and one more thing–why would the “sea” be full of “also-rans?” Would you run if you were in the sea? Are you Jesus or something? What a terrible mess of a mixed metaphor.

  2. Gee,Go easy on Nikki Corvette….I have had the honor of singing backups for her back in the 80’s.And just a few months back I had the honor of singing with her again at a Bookies reunion here in Detroit.She looked great and when she sang,she had it going on.Nikki is the darling of Rock n Roll.And she still has what it takes….she blows most twenty year old female bubble gum rock singers away! And she is adorable is look at…..What more do you want??
    Cheers! beaux mitchell

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