I’ve had terrible sleep issues for years, so I saw my new doctor over the weekend, and he prescribed me Ambien.  He told me up front that it is habit forming, and probably should be considered a sleep aid “not for every night,” just for those nights when I need it and have time for a full night’s sleep.

I’m thankful to have any tool in my sleep arsenal, but I’m worried.  I’ve heard stories about people sleep walking, sleep driving, and even worse, sleep snacking while on this stuff (one woman gained a hundred pounds).  My girlfriend described once trying this medication and having horrible waking nightmares the day after.  And one of my friends told me that after waking up on a road trip to Las Vegas a bit too early after going to sleep on Ambien, he stumbled around in the casino lights like they were globs of goo in his way, and peed his pants because he couldn’t reach the bathroom on his own.

Anyway, I tried it one night and was fine the next day, even though it didn’t stop me from waking up a couple times in the night.  It seemed harmless enough.  But if anyone has any personal horror stories to relate that might make me more concerned, please let me know. 

The doctor also prescribed me Zoloft for restless nights, which in my mind is even more scary–but it’s cheaper and supposedly not habit forming.


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