No Country for Old Men – yay for the gay!

For a lack of anything better to do, my gal and I ended up watching the Oscars tonight.  I’m glad No Country for Old Men won for Best Picture, but it was only during the acceptance speech, when producer Scott Rudin thanked his partner, that we realized he was one of “teh gays”–and for whatever reason, my gal and I literally started cheering!  It was so awesome that a gay dude, in this country full of homophobic conservative bigots, was landing the biggest award at the biggest awards ceremony of them all.

A brief half-second after we finished our cheer, though, we heard some random item in the upstairs part of our house fall and crash with a thud against some other object.  It’d be fruitless to go find out what it was (our upstairs is totally cluttered with junk, so there’d be no way to pinpoint the culprit with certainty), but the lesson we learned was that the ghost in our house hates the gays!  Being a former quasi gay man myself, that would explain a lot about why I can never sleep well in the upstairs bedroom (and I’m now concerned for the safety of our gay friend who crashes there every weekend). 

Whatever, ghost.  This country has turned a corner, not just with the so-called “liberal media” but also with the culture wars.  Every year, somebody’s son or niece or coworker comes out and changes another bigoted mind around.  The gays are going to win this one for all of us.

UPDATE: Apparently ABC removed this touching thank you from their Oscars transcript. 

SECOND UPDATE:  Apparently this was what fell (from a wall in our upstairs bathroom):

2 thoughts on “No Country for Old Men – yay for the gay!

  1. Didn’t the neighbor say that the ghost was a soldier? He must have a don’t ask-don’t tell policy.


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