Jay Johnston

A friend of mine had an altercation with Jay Johnston (of Mr. Show fame) at the Gold Room last night that was even more awkward than this:

2 thoughts on “Jay Johnston

  1. Who is Joy again? Jay’s sister?

    Anyway, I am totally not hating on Jay. This incident really wasn’t Jay’s fault. There was a moment when I thought I was going to have to defend my friend from getting his ass kicked by Jay (Jay is really a heaping tower of a man). But it turns out Jay was just physically removing my friend from the patio/smoke-hole for pouring beer on him.

    And then there was a lot of drunken awkwardness following the incident, going through several stages of anger, apologies, and appeasements, and involving about fifteen people, including a bouncer, some underage punk rockers, and a soon-to-be Spaniard.

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