Pocahaunted and the silent screen

I picked up a recent print version of L.A. Record from the floor of our house (left there by one of our constant steams of guests and well-wishers) and saw that local L.A. noise band Pocahaunted was on the cover.  Though I prefer their previous incarnation, Knit Witch (R.I.P. or on hiatus?), I’m glad to see these gals have been playin’ out and opening for folks like Sonic Youth.

One weird thing from the interview, though, was when Bethany revealed that she hates silent films.  I mean, whaaa?  Who hates silent movies?  I know they can be creepy, but that’s part of the fun, and dammit, Pocahaunted is kinda creepy too.  Look at the film below, and tell me this ain’t awesome (music by Fantomas):

More importantly, think what a powerhouse combination it would be if Pocahaunted actually did a show where they scored a silent film!  I’ve seen so many silent films with live accompaniment, and it’s an experience that combines the being-there realness of theater with the spectacle of film–and yet at the same time you almost get the quiet contemplation of seeing still photography in a gallery.  Pocahaunted seems uniquely suited to lend a hand for such a venture.

I do agree with Bethany, though, that pretty much all sea creatures are creepy.

P.S. Here’s another clip of The Golem that skips straight to the witchery!  I love this fucking movie.

P.P.S. For some reason they’re not putting the interview online, only in print.  So you’ll just have to go find it.


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  1. About 10 years ago I saw Tod Browning’s great 1927 macabre revenge melodrama “The Unknown” starring Lon Chaney with John Cale performing musical accompaniment (a score which he composed). Too bad there’s not more cool shit like this.

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