Cozumel has its own song! But don’t ask this guy for any Sabbath.

When my gal and I and my brother and future sister-in-law were exploring the Yucatan a couple days ago, we made our first exploration of the island of Cozumel.  Though the beaches weren’t as nice compared to Playa del Carmen, it was much more laid back, cheaper, and tastier!  Also, the traveling street musicians were a bit better, doing interesting and melodic stuff on guitar and xylophone, and generally earning their pesos. 

At one point, though, a fellow with a loud voice and guitar was serenading a couple of folks at our outdoor taco stand with a Led Zeppelin song!  I wanted to have a little fun, so I asked him if he knew any punk rock, like the Ramones, or maybe some Ozzy Osbourne or Black Sabbath.  I thought it would be a funny little gag and that he’d maybe laugh and then play something more traditional.  Instead he kind of got ticked off and said he could play Ozzy, but it was too simple–and showed us by angrily jamming out a couple bar chords really quick.  I finally mollified him by asking if he could play “Perfidia,” but he was peeved at us, peeved at the restauranteurs (who clearly didn’t want him there unless he was buying something to eat), and it just went down badly.

Anyway, anonymous street musician guy, someone else caught you on YouTube playing the traditional (and much more enjoyable) “Cozumel” song (I have to find out its origin, because it’s really good and catchy, and we heard it at least three or four times from different folks that night).  Sorry we couldn’t become buddies, because after watching you get all Vegas-y on the streets in this clip, you seem like a fun guy!  I hope I can make amends by spreading your fame a little.


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