Edwards won’t run for VP

This is kind of bumming me out: 

After his keynote speech at CTIA, the annual U.S. wireless industry showcase, Edwards was asked in a question-and-answer session if he would accept the nomination for vice president.

“No,” said Edwards, who also declined to say whether he would endorse Clinton or Obama.

I mean, Edwards probably has good reason not to be a running-mate, not the least of which is that he lost in 2004.  Perhaps he’s bitter about some attacks he received from the Obama and Hillary camp (though I can’t think of any that were too below-the-belt), or maybe he thinks he can serve the public better in some other role.  But I really hoped that my primary pick for president might at least wind up buddy-buddying with Obama when he wins the presidency in November.  We need someone who at least speaks the language of populism during these despicable times for working Americans.

3 thoughts on “Edwards won’t run for VP

  1. I have heard some rumors that he might hold out for a more suitable position in the next administration – like Attorney General. How hot would that be (politically speaking)?!

  2. I hope so. I was thinking that the fact that Edwards made no endorsement of Obama meant that he wasn’t fishing for a position in his cabinet–but maybe he’s just biding his time.

  3. John Edwards was cheated in 2004 when John Kerry didn’t dispute the vote althoiugh there was much evidence that once again the vote was stolen..Kerry is either a weakiing or he is working for Bush. His endorsememt of Obama doesn’t impress me at all. Somrthing is lacking with Kerry. As far as Edwards, he would make a good Attorney General because it would be more in line with helping the underdog which Edwards has always loved doing.

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