Bryan Ferry rules!

This isn’t really topical at all, although it was Howie Klein over at Crooks and Liars that made me think about it when he posted this as last night’s Late Night Music Club contribution.  I just wanted to say that Bryan Ferry was every bit as amazing a performer and songwriter as Brian Eno–well, at least performer.  Bryan Ferry was always great at doing his own version of other people’s songs, be they Bob Dylan or Lesley Gore, but perhaps my favorite is this one:

 This song is actually a Wilbert Harrison tune, but the Bryan Ferry version is one of the best tools in my DJ arsenal if I wanted to get a crowd up and moving.  The video is so good, too–doesn’t he look better with a moustache?  It kind of makes his face not look so bloated.

P.S. Do you know how many years I went, seeing the name “Harrison” on the album and thinking this was a George Harrison tune?  It was a lot.

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