Daily Freak Show with James St. James

I found out about this WOW TV show because the cameraman is Michael Lucid, of the sketch comedy show Pretty Things.  I guess he’s pretty excited after spending years as a performer around town, making movies and doing gender-bending comedic performances, to finally make some foldin’ money doing the work he loves.

That alone would be enough to make me watch, but the host of the show is none other than James St. James, former club kid, author, and friend to convicted “party monster” Michael Alig, whose exploits St. James chronicled in his 1999 memoir Disco Bloodbath.  Watching an aging St. James wander around at fashion events, drunkenly manhandling cute boys and giving up his front-row seat to find alcohol, is just pure entertainment in its highest form.  And if you watch the eight videos they’ve got up there now, I think I notice more and more of Michael Lucid’s direction and participation in each new episode, which means the chuckles ain’t gonna stop anytime soon.  Check it out at your earliest convenience.

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  1. Yes, Pretty Things is amazing and subversively funny. and that Daily Freak Show is really getting around town. I saw them last night at some small gay dive bar/club called Wildness, appropriately named I gotta say. As I was walking in I passed James in front of bright lights and camera, hollering and with his hand down some young guys pants. Fun stuff.

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