Doctor and the Medics

The great thing about YouTube is that you can rekindle old memories of obscure television from long ago.

I always had this memory of being young and seeing Norman Greenbaum perform “Spirit in the Sky” with glam rock makeup on, but could never find an example of it.  Turns out I was actually remembering this:

Only England could bring us an eighties psychedelic kabuki band with big mullets, purple satin robes, and twin Siouxsie Siouxs with hippie flower dresses on.

My gal and I picked up a single of theirs this weekend, where they cover ABBA’s “Waterloo” and Roy Wood plays saxomophone. It actually sounded pretty damned good, and the video on YouTube shows them to have maybe picked up some more cash for the video, which is a send-up of the Eurovision contest and kind of blows my mind. See if you can spot Lemmy from Motorhead:

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