Peanut Butter Wolf

Last weekend was so crazily drenched in booze, I’m still trying to sort out what happened.

At some point I stumbled into Amoeba Records, and Peanut Butter Wolf just happened to be doing an in-store performance.  He seemed to be either mixing video, or mixing music to a pre-edited video.  For the most part, I was unimpressed–though he played old Biz Markie and NWA, which was cool, I was confused at how this was supposed to be more creative than simply buying old episodes of Yo! MTV Raps on eBay or something, with an occasional new wave tune thrown in. Plus, we were annoyed because the crowds of losers watching him were blocking all the psychedelic and bubblegum records.

However, I gotta admit that this part was pretty cool:

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