the Poubelle twins

I went to Shmutzig last night at El Cid to hear DJ Algonquin spin twenties and thirties music.  Though things weren’t as crowded as they used to get at Bricktops back during the Parlour Club days (boy, do I miss Miss Davis), it was fun to walk into El Cid and find the Poubelle twins giving out free slaps to a line of people on the stage.

I’ve kind of known these gals since my USC days, even before they had an act, and they’ve perform all over the place.  Besides a long stint with the Velvet Hammer Burlesque troupe, they also have their own calendar, the dance and sing with the Tulsa Skull Swingers, and they’ve even been made into dolls.

But until today, I didn’t realize that they are also ranked luchadoras who wrestle pretty damned well!

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