Lou Reed marries Laurie Anderson

Apparently Lou Reed married Laurie Anderson in a secret ceremony in Colorado a few weeks ago, with Richard Belzer (yeah, the comedian) and some other wacky New Yorkers in attendance:

So Lou ties the knot with Laurie Anderson, at the sprightly age of 66… the electroconvulsive therapy Reed received in his teen years, allegedly in response to his homosexual behaviour (as referred to in his 1974 track “Kill Your Sons”), must’ve worked!

While it’s nice that Reed has finally found his Yoko, I sure do wish he’d do some work to repair the musical divorce from John Cale that’s haunted both their careers for the last forty years, give or take a few years there in the nineties. 

1 thought on “Lou Reed marries Laurie Anderson

  1. What a power couple! Thanks for posting this, I hadn’t heard the news of Lou and Laurie tying the knot.

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