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Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job! has been in my DirecTV program queue ever since we got cable a few months ago.  Though it’s sometimes more anarchic than funny, how could I possibly hate a show that has amazingly funny editing, appearances by Bob Odenkirk and David Cross (together again at last!), Weird Al, and veterans of L.A. public access shows?

In particular, I was blown away recently when they started showcasing more and more of David Liebe Hart, the creepy dude with the puppets who follows Christian Scientist guidelines even though he believes that aliens have infiltrated their ranks.  He recently sang a duet on Tim & Eric with a rather horrifying cat puppet about the way aliens say hello and goodbye using the word “Salame.”

Hart has been a fixture in public access TV for a decade or two, and his performances on Tim and Eric are not atypical of his public access show–puppets mouth the words to the songs he sings in his sometimes quite good tenor voice, whilst spacey love lights glow and flash in the background.

What’s weird for me is that I met David Hart a couple years ago, when he performed at Club Screwball at the Parlour Club (in the Russian quarter!).  Afterwards, somehow I was conned into giving him a ride home!  I have a high tolerance for strange and awkward people, but things on the ride to his apartment got more awkward than I was prepared for–for the record, not only does David Hart like single girls, but he hit on me in a frankly sexual way (by frank, I mean sperm was mentioned).  And when I said I had a girlfriend, he suggested that the three of us could have a fun sexy time together!  Watch the footage below, and imagine this strange older Christian Scientist man with a dry soul-crooner voice telling you he might like to put his jizz on you.

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  1. The poor guy is probably so lonely. He wants to be touched and held like any other human being. I think he’s the best part of the Tim and Eric show. Tim Heidecker seems to like to have a laugh at the expense of others, while David Liebe Hart is sincerely trying to express himself in a positive way. Eric Wareheim is the funny one.

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