Meho Plaza has a song up on Pitchfork Media

I’ve loved this band for a while now.  And not just because James, the drummer, plays on both real drums and drum pads, reminds me a bit of Terry Bozzio, and had the sense to leave Kill Hannah years ago because they suck.

 Meho Plaza’s new material seems to be getting better and better, too (though since they only just released an album, most people probably haven’t heard the progression from good to great that I have).  This one, “I Sold My Organs,” sounds great on the Pitchfork Media “Forkcast”:

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Oklahoman by birth. Angeleno by fate. I've been in half a dozen bands and own 25 cubic feet of old records. Thank God for Ikea shelves.

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  1. No, you suck.

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