gay marriage is legal in California!

The California Supreme Court overturned the ban on gay marriage in our state!  It’s a great day for love, equality, and common sense on the West Coast.

But we’re not out of the woods yet.  The bigots can always try for a constitutional amendment:

A coalition of religious and social conservative groups is attempting to put a measure on the November ballot that would enshrine laws banning gay marriage in the state constitution.

The Secretary of State is expected to rule by the end of June whether the sponsors gathered enough signatures to qualify the marriage amendment, similar to ones enacted in 26 other states.

If voters pass the measure in November, it would trump the court’s decision.

I was out last month campaigning against getting this measure on the ballot (going to places like Wal-Mart where paid signature gatherers were, and informing the public on why not to sign), and was happy to learn that a lot of people were on our side, and even more didn’t care enough one way or another to sign anything.  Though the “Limits on Marriage” petition’s numbers of signatures were low, they maaaaaaaay have just enough to squeak by and get this on the November ballot.  But even then, I doubt very much that they’ll get the votes they need to have the Amendment pass.

Unfortunately, I don’t see what would prevent this from becoming a federal case that might go to the United States Supreme Court.  Since even the California State Supreme Court only overturned this by 4-3, I imagine that Scalia, Thomas, and their brethren would shoot down our state’s ruling in a hissy fit, and then all state-sanctioned same-sex marriage everywhere would be illegal again.  Hopefully by the time that comes around, attitudes will have relaxed and Capitol Hill will be more liberal, and who knows, maybe we’ll have a new appointee to the Supreme court who doesn’t go hunting with evil war criminals.

Update: Crooks and Liars has a great TV clip up on their site, if audio/video is your thang.

3 thoughts on “gay marriage is legal in California!

  1. This is fantastic news!! Now maybe the country will begin to understand that marriage is a basic civil right. Being from Massachusetts this is a great anniversary gift for our 4th year of the legalization of gay marriage on May 17th. This should shake up the election as well. For the truth about gay marriage check out our trailer. Produced to educate & defuse the controversy it has a way of opening closed minds & provides some sanity on the issue:) http://www.OUTTAKEonline.com

  2. Uhhh, think again. Why don’t you go fag off somewhere instead of wasting your time dreaming about normal people accepting you. And hey, idiot, talking to people entering Walmart will not give you a representative sample of California. Maybe Walmart can sell a gay marriage license and you and your gay lover would be happy?

  3. If you’d read the blog here, you’d know that while I love gay people, I’m actually a straight man who has a live-in girlfriend. But hey, I guess the problem with bigots is that they’re too lazy to read anything, much less learn from what they read. That’s why your kind are fossils that the progressives in this country will be looking back on in twenty years, thinking “how could they not see the hypocrisy in their prejudice?”

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