Voxhaul Broadcast knows no humility/grammar.

Our one-time correspondent, Dan, has published his first review at losanjealous.com.  It’s from a show at the Echoplex on Saturday night.

He talks a bunch about Earlimart, and one of their opening bands, Siggy.  But when he refused to review a band called Voxhaul Broadcast, because he couldn’t remember any of their songs (they were all too much alike, so he just had nothing really to say about them), he got hated on in the comments by a bunch of their rather inarticulate friends, and even members of the band themselves:

eatmypenisdan : 5/21/08 at 12:39 am

At least your honest. So am i.Suck my dick
voxhaul broadcast

To their credit, Voxhaul Broadcast is ever so slightly better on its recordings than it was live.  In the studio, they have some of the bounce and energy of Television, Mink Deville, or Tuff Darts–you know, good New York bands from decades ago–with vocals that are just a tad too indie for my tastes.  I’m sure these aren’t their influences, but for my tastes, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

But live, I agree with Dan, these guys were as bland as bologna.  And their comments to his article seem to prove they’re also as dumb as dishwater! 

BTW, “Phil” from the comment above is the guy with the Devendra hair below:

11 thoughts on “Voxhaul Broadcast knows no humility/grammar.

  1. Let the backlash begin! This site is really pathetic. I was at the show and thought everyone was great that night. I’ve been to so many shows and there’s only been a handfull of opening bands that at the very least had my attention. Maybe if you “writers” would actually open your ears to the music you’re interested instead of getting drunk and wondering who the band sounds like or what shirts their wearing you might write better reviews. If I was in this band and played a great show then jump online to find some nobody that can’t even cross a street and walk down some stairs give me a four sentence dick slap I’d be pissed too.

  2. If you were in this band, you wouldn’t “play a great show and then jump online”–you’d play a boring show where all the songs sounded the same, then have a childish hissy fit online because one guy refused to kiss your indie rock ass.

  3. This is all pretty funny, but the fact is that the Dan lost his credibilty as a reviewer by commenting about hair and clothes instead of music (announcing that something is boring is not a review) and then trying to make it all about himself by implying that bands have to jump through hoops before Dan will bother to review the show. What a poser. He got it wrong anyway — Voxhaul Broadcast played the more interesting set and Earlimart were a bit on the boring side.

  4. hahahaha I don’t think Phil could have said anything more perfect after that comment. These guys really are awesome. Sometimes in venues any band can sound like one big mesh of sound because its so freakin loud. They have some great stuff though; more people just need to hear it.

  5. Mink Deville and Tuff Darts… thanks for a good laugh. I agree with the first blogger, this site is pathetic.

  6. Hmmm, I happen to like their sound. Actually while googling the band to see whats going on with them, thinking why arent they huge already I came across these bad reviews. not bad reviews of the band, but as in your bad lack of judgement. Dont know Phil personally but hes right.

  7. I know Voxhaul Broadcast and just wanted the truth told about these great guys… This article has taken conversations out of context. This is not a true story….
    Voxhaul Boradcast is a band full of love, anyone who has heard them can feel that. Sorry to anyone who has read these false accusations…

  8. Voxhaul Broadcast is sorry for anyone who been directed to this site full of anger. Voxhaul Broadcast has been taken out of context in this exchange of words. This is a false reporting of the facts and shows the level of this reviewer talking about everything but the music. Everyone knows someone like this that honks behind you and is willing to pick a fight with anyone just to be heard. So sad you feel your site needs this kind of info on it…

  9. I was at at the Roxy to see my friends The Outline (another great band btw) and I actually thoroughly enjoyed the Voxhaul Broadcast set. They are musically talented and I thought they were nice guys (having talked to them at length before and after the show). Im not quite sure what the fuss is about.

  10. Voxhaul Broadcast is great who gives a shit about their grammer. They are rockers NOT school teachers … What kind of idiot thinks this is a music review..

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