Anita Bryant is a little sex kitten!

I was thrift store shopping in Joshua Tree, and ran into this album cover.  Ooh, sweet Jesus…


She’s got a face and a form that makes me want to shake the paint off her walls!  I know that she was a bigot in the seventies and eighties who fought against the rights of gay Americans, but what else could she so, full to the brim as she was with virile heterosexual feminine rrrrargh!?!  With that pretty mouth, those determined nostrils, and that lily-white Bible clutched to her bosoms, she’s so good and clean, it makes me want to get down and dirty!  I totally want her to kneel before my second coming. 

To get myself in the mood, I’ll let Anita herself cool me down, then heat me up with a funky funky freak song from the era of disco and good times.  The dude who put this tune on YouTube won’t let me embed it, but you can click here to get God’s mojo workin’.


Guided by Voices? Built to Spill? Crappy as Shit!

3 thoughts on “Anita Bryant is a little sex kitten!

  1. Anita Bryant was a former beauty queen from a redneck background who had immensely bigoted and far right wing views. Kinda sounds like Sarah Palin, doesn’t she?

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