Jim Inhofe thinks Iraq is in Africa – and makes a campaign commercial about it!

I just love this (kudos to brownsox at DailyKos for telling me about it):

Jim Inhofe is a dolt.  This highly conservative, dingbat, former Mayor of Tulsa is one of the reasons smart, skilled people like myself have fled Oklahoma, instead boosting the GDP of places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and even Little Rock!  When a Senator who complains bitterly about the mistreatment of the administrators of Abu Graib, who compares the EPA to the gestapo and accuses the Weather Channel of inventing global warming to boost ratings, doesn’t even know the continent of the nation we’re at war in, he richly deserves to be voted out of office.  And I’m deeply ashamed to have been raised in his home town.

UPDATE: This geographical ignorance seems to be a conservative trend.  From today’s Crooks and Liars, here’s McCain calling Putin the “president of Germany”:

Of course, I guess I can’t say this is a recent trend–remember how the World Trade Center was attacked by a bunch of Saudis, yet Bush had us invade Iraq?


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