Wuthering Heights

I went to the Summer Camp event this weekend and caught some great performances by Electrocute, the Lady Tigra, and We Are the World.  But perhaps the most sugary sweet treat to watch was Jer Ber Jones, the electroclash drag queen (no, not that one) who wears a Dee Snyder wig and tall tall heels.  He (she) performed in a headdress for the “Summer Camp” themed party, and sang a couple great ditties that probably would be terrible to listen to in the car or on my iPod, but were fucking amazing live.

One of the songs sounded kind of ethereal and bizarre, and it wasn’t until the chorus that I realized Jer Ber was covering Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights.”  To be honest, though I know the song from a mix tape that my friend from high school made me (before he realized he was gay, he spent quite a bit of time frittering his sexual frustrations away doing awesome stuff for his friends), the real reason I recognized “Wuthering Heights” was from the lyrics I heard repeatedly in high school, from White Flag’s cover of the song on the Freedom of Choice CD that came out in ’92 with a bunch of current artists on it, covering eighties tunes. 

 Jer Ber did a bang up job, singing in his high-pitched angry whine, and saying “freaking” a lot, even working his suddenly broken heel into the lyrics of the song “Heathcliff, come get me, my freaking shoe is broken,” etc.

Here’s a video of Kate Bush performing her original version.  Note her weird, weird eyes, and that voice, and those strange dance moves.  She’s so comically compelling to look at, it’s actually quite psychedelic, which may be why Roger Waters and the Pink Floyd fellows gave her such a leg up when she started.  Wild stuff.

UPDATE: I did not attend the Little Radio Summer Camp event, but I probably shoulda coulda woulda done both.


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3 thoughts on “Wuthering Heights

  1. I thought I was going crazy because the video for this song that I remember had her frolicking through a forest meadow in a red dress doing a similar interpretative dance. Turns out, I’m not crazy, they just made two versions of the video! Here’s the other one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW3gKKiTvjs

    I like her insane facial expressions in the one you found better, but she looks hotter in the red dress version. Here’s another crazy factoid: Kate Bush’s interpretative dance teacher was Lindsay Kemp- who also taught David Bowie (and supposedly, even had an affair with him)! Here’s an article about the man: http://www.bowiewonderworld.com/press/70/7409lkemp.htm

  2. Jer Ber aka Robbie D is a frickin genius!
    I have been going to his/her shows for years and I am so glad that the recognition is finally coming around!

    Next time Jer Ber does a full show, you can’t miss it!

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