Planned Parenthood needs our help

It may be hard for people of my generation to understand (and I’m still young–just barely thirty something) because we remember growing up with safe sex pamphlets, AIDS information in elementary school, and Left Eye Lopez wearing a condom in her sunglasses. 

But teenagers these days get zero, hear that, ZERO education on sex, how to be careful, how to be emotionally ready, what’s normal, and even much info on how their bodies and hormones work.  What they do hear is all about abstinence only, which doesn’t very well prepare them for the temptations behind the penny-farthing shed when they’re on ecstasy with their boyfriend or girlfriend after the Puddle of Mudd concert. 

So it’s no surprise that an uneducated and ashamed generation of kids has gotten ridiculously high amounts of STD’s–one in four young women, according to the Center for Disease Control.  Not only should that scare the pants back onto cradle-robbing Lotharios, but it also means that private donations need to pick up the slack where our government and its allegiance to hack fundamentalists has failed us.

Click here to donate money to Planned Parenthood, and right now an anonymous donor type guy or gal will match every dollar you donate!  That’s right, you donate $100,000 dollars, and PP gets $200,000!  Or whatever you can afford.

Planned Parenthood promises to do the following with your help:

:: Make free or very low-cost STD testing and care available to
every young person who needs it.

:: Forge partnerships with all kinds of youth-oriented media to
spread the word about prevention, testing, and treatment.

:: Promote and provide comprehensive sex ed in communities
across the country.

Our country needs so much help right now in so many ways, but it also needs this.  Please donate if you can.

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