two days of gay marriage, and all’s well

Yep, the gays are getting married, and the sky has not fallen.  No hetero couples have split up or had their marriages ruined just because homosexual marriage has become legal, no churches or temples (or mosques) have been forced at gunpoint to have their priests or clerics perform same-sex marriages, and no one has yet advocated that the next step is “man-on-dog sex,” as Rick Santorum suggested not so long ago.  In fact, the economy of California seems that much stronger, and even the LA Times is suggesting places where gay couples can honeymoon.

It makes me sad that so many gays, lesbians, and people of all colors in the homo rainbow who really paved the way for gay acceptance aren’t here to share in the marital fun.  I mean, can you imagine what kind of fantastic wedding ceremony Jobriath would have had?  This is a performer who declared his allegiance to “Clara Bows and open toes” while wearing duct material!  Why would this cruel nation not allow gay marriage in the Seventies, when the marriages would have rocked?!?


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2 thoughts on “two days of gay marriage, and all’s well

  1. Damned straight!
    (no punnish thing intended)
    If this feature had been available in the late 60’s/early 70’s it would have been fantastic!
    Then again, maybe people would not have been interested in marraige except as an event /performance /happening type thing.
    Now it’s LL Bean and GAP style weddings-no frills -blah!
    Very Chardonnay ….
    But hey , if anyone wants to get themselves into red tape hell with the person of their choice , then allright!

    I used to want to marry one of my gay boyfriends because we would talk about how fabulous it would be to get free home appliances and have garden parties for our weird families and such .

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