Farfisa Hall of Fame

It’s been a rough couple days as far as money goes–most people in this country can relate, I’m sure!

To cheer myself up, I’m creating a new category of blog, in which I’m celebrating my favorite songs that incorporate the mightiest of all electric keyboards, the Farfisa!  The first inductee for Farfisa Hall of Fame is the Revillos, a combo that might seem an unlikely nomination, what with their being punkers from the Seventies.  But eclecticism being the rule of law in those early days of punkdom, they actually used the Farfisa organ as the lead instrument in this song, “Where’s the Boy for Me?”  They don’t show it in the video (a Farfisa probably didn’t look New Wave enough), but you can hear the shit out of it in the actual song.

P.S. You might know them as “the Rezillos.”  Basically, it’s the same band, but with ever-so-slight line-up changes that made them decide changing the name by one letter would be cute.  This fucks up my iPod’s playlist royally.


Oklahoman by birth. Angeleno by fate. I've been in half a dozen bands and own 25 cubic feet of old records. Thank God for Ikea shelves.

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