Gina Marx is FOUND!!!

Thank God, Jesus, Vishnu, and Cthulhu!  According to our man William, Gina Marx has been found and is doing fine! 

At the climax of a magical Summer Solstice, parties investigating
the mysterious three-week disappearance of Gina Marx located
her vehicle intact, and then spoke to someone who had seen her
about nearby earlier that day.
WIth the help of many concerned friends, Gina has been
located. Rest assured.
She is safe, and hopefully will reunite with
her many concerned friends very soon.

Gina, I’m so glad you’re alive and well!  Everyone who knows you was hoping things were okay, and it’s such a relief to know you’re not dead in a vacant lot in Oxnard. 

What I’m saying here sounds hokey, I know, like a Hallmark card read aloud by Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society.   But a situation like this really makes you realize how tenuous life is, and how the person you’re laughing with at a party tonight could be dismembered by a transient preacher tomorrow.  If I ever go missing or lose my way in this world, I hope the people who love me search the nooks and crannies of Los Angeles and the blogosphere to find me!

William, thanks for giving us the information that allowed us to breathe freely.  You brought us Christmas early this year!


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