telecom immunity may get delayed further!

The cowardly House of Representatives passed the dreadful FISA bill, but it’s now on the Senate’s plate, at a time when it’s stacked before the GI funding bill and the housing bill and the July 4th recess is hastily approaching.

Per the folks at DailyKos:

Nobody wants to go home for July 4th parades without passing the GI Bill, and a fair number of Senators feel the same way about the housing bill, the war funding and/or the unemployment benefits extenstion. Putting FISA — a contentious bill that was sure to produce extended debate — before the supplemental virtually guaranteed either a delayed adjournment or serious discomfort among the membership.

I’m very excited to see what happens tomorrow, even though I’m depressed as all shit that the Dems let this travesty go so far, bending over backwards to let the telecoms and Bush himself get exonerated for crimes they likely already committed.  What the fuck is the point?  Anyway, do click on that DailyKos link, because their coverage of the FISA bill is pretty thorough right now.

Also, don’t be afraid to call your Senators tomorrow and tell them what’s what!  Any FISA bill that includes retroactive telecom immunity is immoral and tramples upon your rights to privacy!


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