James St. James attends some weddings

I have a terrible sore throat today, so painful that I can’t even eat my lentil soup!

But this video of James St. James on The Daily Freakshow attending the newly-legal gay weddings in West Hollywood Park is both funny and kind of heartwarming.  Watching this at least temporarily allowed me to forget the physical and psychological Hell my body has entered into, ravaged from the inside and out by pain, decay, and fretting over the gig I’m going to have to bail on tonight.

WordPress still seems to have issues with embedded media from WOW TV, so just click here to see the video.  Congrats to Michael Lucid (of Pretty Things) for doing such a great daily webshow! 

The most interesting thing in the video for me is when St. James meets WeHo Mayor Jeffrey Prang and finds out that he’s not getting married to his Domestic Partner, at least not in the immediate future.  Who ever heard of a successful politician not being married?  Maybe he’s worried about what that’ll do if the evil anti-gay amendment passes in November.  But duh!  What better image could we use to fight against anti-gay prejudice than an already-married Mayor whose marriage would be annulled by the amendment?    

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