Arthur Magazine needs your help!

L.A. Record just posted this, and I’m horrified and sickened that one of the best magazines of this decade is on the brink of temporary financial collapse. 


From various emails and the Arthur site:

Arthur Magazine needs $20,000 by July 1 or it will die.

No donation is too small.

Our preferred method of payment is Paypal. It is a free service to buyers, and enables you to pay directly By VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER or from your checking account or debit card. You can also convert foreign currency to U.S. dollars. Signing up only takes a few minutes.

Please use PayPal to make a donation to editor at arthurmag dot com

Thank you.

UPDATE: More from Jay…

On the heels of lower than expected ad sales (although they are trending up), increased production and distribution costs (higher quality printing and paper, higher fuel costs, increased printrun), and an “under-performing non-magazine product” (the Living Theatre dvd, for which we’ve sold less than 25% of the printrun since launch, received zero reviews or notices, etc), spiraling debt service payments (now $2k a month) on startup costs, and most importantly ZERO NEW BACKERS… we’ve finally reached the point where


If we don’t obtain at least $20k in the next six days, ARTHUR is done. Our long-term prospects are good, if we are fortunate enough to make it through this rough patch.

Arthur has been a champion of the neo-folk movement, a pioneer of looking back with love at the halcyon days of 1967 (not merely at Woodstock, but at the individual communities and festivals and artists forgotten during the hacky-sack renaissance of the late eighties), a research boon to those of us who want to know about Angus MacLisse or Terry Riley or Lavender Diamond, and just plain incredible when it comes to everything I love about the gentle people of the world.  It saddens me that this world won’t allow them to survive and thrive, but it will if only they can move forward through this one rough patch to the rosy future that lies ahead.

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