FISA voting Senators, have you no shame?

Why the hell did we vote for you if you’re going to legislate based on George W’s play book?  How cowardly can you be to vote against a slew of great amendments that would have stripped or delayed inclusion in the FISA bill of its unnecessary protections against telecoms that violated our privacy for over half a decade at our Lawbreaker-In-Chief’s request?  Even if Bush were to veto this bill, it doesn’t really make this country less safe!  You’ve violated your duty to protect the Constitution, and let Bush win in a blinking contest that could easily have been spun in your favor!

Forty-six lawsuits now stand to be dismissed because of the new law, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. All are pending before a single U.S. District Court in California. But the fight has not ended. Civil rights groups are already preparing lawsuits challenging the bill’s constitutionality, and four suits, filed against government officials, will not be dismissed.

Numerous lawmakers had spoken out strongly against the no-warrants eavesdropping on Americans, but the Senate voted its approval after rejecting amendments that would have watered down, delayed or stripped away the immunity provision.

I hate you so much.  Thanks for making it okay that my rights and millions of others’ rights were violated illegally.  Thank you for setting a precedent that any lawbreaking, no matter how egregious or, yes, tyrannical on the part of our leaders can be washed away after the fact. 

You suck.  Cowards.

Update: Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake has a great blog about where to go from here.

3 thoughts on “FISA voting Senators, have you no shame?

  1. While he tried to get an amendment passed to limit this bill, Obama still ended up voting for it! Pussies, all of them. This country is seriously bad ju-ju.

  2. Thanks for having the guts to say this, Dan. It sums up how the rest of us are feeling, goddamnit. Grow some balls, “liberal” Senators!

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