censure Dianne Feinstein!

Our illustrious traitor Senator from California voted wrong on FISA yesterday.  She voted against the interests of her party, she voted against us, and she voted against the Constitution, which she’s sworn to uphold.

And I know that she’s not alone, but this has been a pattern with her, providing swing votes that helped Bush nominate some scumbags for cabinet positions and judicial seats.

Click here to lend your vote to censure her.  And do it before 5 p.m. Tuesday.  Thousands of Californians have already done this, and the California Democratic Party is listening.  Barbara Boxer voted against FISA and for the Dodd amendment that would have stripped retroactive immunity from it, so it’s not like we don’t know as a state how to do the right thing.  But Feinstein doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “censure Dianne Feinstein!

  1. I am extremely dissapointed in her.
    The way a few Rep’s voted against their previous word makes me wonder if they didn’t all have guns held to their heads.

  2. Feinstein’s record on civil rights and civil liberties is worse than some Republicans, not just Ron Paul but even Arlen Specter. Let’s face it, DiFi is nothing more than Joe Lieberman in drag, although I love the epithet from her mayoral days, “the Margaret Thatcher of San Francisco”. I”m not surprised that she voted for FISA – quite frankly, her record sucks. I can’t wait for her to retire – she’s getting up there in age (she’s older than McCain) and I wonder if she will run for another term. Let’s hope she steps down after this term and doesn’t become the female Robert Byrd.

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