Whale – Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe

Speaking of Serbian war criminals, when this song came out in 1993 or so, my fellow high school friends in Speech and Debate class wondered if it could be a reference to Slobodan Milosevic.  Our theory was probably not, but we didn’t care too much.  We were all hot for the singer’s braces:

In hindsight, it might be hard to explain why this lo-fi video made us so excited.  Part of it was our love for X-Ray Spex, so how could we not love a new band (Swedish, no less!) with a female singer who had braces?  And the politically correct objectification of young men, forced to wear aluminum foil skirts and be spanked by lollipops, was just too adorable.  I think I wanted to be one of those guys.

Anyway, it turns out they opened for Blur a lot, got an album produced by a dude from the Verve, and were generally thought well of in England and Europe, despite sounding almost like a grunge band and copping a lot of Chili Pepper moves.  I still love the song though.  Still not sure what it’s about.

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