Robert Novak diagnosed with brain tumor

Okay, once again, I’ll say what other liberal bloggers won’t–there is bitterly ironic justice in Robert Novak being diagnosed with cancer.  In my Tony Snow obit last week, I had some complaints from friends that my coverage was inhuman and mean-spirited to a man whose family is grieving him.  Okay, fair enough–I disagree that Snow was liked by both sides of the aisle, and I definitely think he helped obfuscate persecution for Bush’s war crimes that led to the deaths of millions, but even I know that it’s controversial to kick a man when he’s down.

But no one can say Novak is a classy guy.  He’s shameless and he’s murderous, or at least manslaughter-ous.  He put a CIA operative’s life in danger and committed treason by outing Valerie Plame in his column.  And just last week, he hit a homeless man with his Corvette and kept on driving!  This diagnosis of cancer almost makes me believe in karma.

5 thoughts on “Robert Novak diagnosed with brain tumor

  1. I don’t believe in karma or anything, though this guy might deserve the fuzzy end of a lollipop. However, the hit and run MIGHT very well be due to his brain tumor (brain tumor patients have been identified in the past as suffering from focal neurologic impairments). But that’s a maybe. Apparently, when he was stopped by a witness a block away from the accident, he claimed to have not been aware that there had been an accident. Some people (like Halle Berry for instance) are stupid enough to think they can hit and run and escape notice (yeah, who wouldn’t recognize her??). Novak is not a good person, but he’s not that stupid. He was driving a Corvette and is pretty recognizable.

  2. Dear sir… if you are a real man at all,

    My theory is you only have a blog so you don’t have to go face to face with reality. I will state, with a clear mind, that I hope you get “karma”. Whatever that invoves for you hippies.

    Good luck with being a wussy blogger who doesn’t give his real name when he talks about people he doesn’t know. That’s the knee jerk way these days.

    Dan Ballenger
    Raleigh NC
    (notice I give my name and state when I respond… you wimp.)

    P.S. Did you know that when I take a shit, I put it on my hands, taste it, then rub it on my balls? It’s true. I also can’t spell the word “involve.”

  3. Dammit, Anna, you’re probably right. Oooh, I want to hate him so much, and a hit and run was the perfect opportunity! But most likely it was disease, not evil, that made him whack a dude with his Corvette. So now I realize I’ve poked fun at a man crippled with disease. I suck.

  4. Funny, I could have sworn you were an adult. Good come back with the “taste my shit” comment. Either your parents let you use the computer for an hour, or you are a student at Harvard.
    Seriously, don’t pick a fight with people you’ll never meet. It never makes you a big man. And don’t talk trash about things of which you have no understanding. Keep your stuff simple and don’t just copy stuff you hear others say.

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