the Ohio Express – Sausalito

I just went to San Francisco over the weekend.  Every time I look at the Golden Gate Bridge (which I have never actually crossed, though I’ve ridden under it in a boat) I think of the city on the other side of it and of this song.  I’ve gotta go there–everything grows there!  And when you get high on a mountain, it snows there.

Note how cute these guys in the video are!  I haven’t done my research on it yet, but I highly doubt they’re the members of the Ohio Express who actually recorded the song.  At this point, the Ohio Express had a highly weird “line-up,” if you could even call it that.  I think this song was more or less done by the musicians who would go on to be 10cc.  Anyhoo, this is the Ohio Express at their most adult contemporary.  I think it rocks.

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