the Soda Pop Kids – Twin Peaks is an awesome way to tune up!

I saw the Soda Pop Kids last night at the Airliner.  Wow, I wish that venue would take off-three different rooms of rock, two bars, lots of parking, vicinity to the Five and to Chinatown (forget it, Jake!).  But whatever.  For a band as good as the Soda Pop Kids, I was surprised that I didn’t see more fans clogging the doorways and choking in the smoke holes.

Anyway, the Soda Pop Kids played a great set, and I’m looking forward to seeing them play with Eddie & the Hotrods in less than 24 hours at the Knitting Factory.  But I gotta admit, my favorite part of the night was during tune-up, when Devon played a snippet of one of the weirdest songs to appear in the career of David Lynch, a career filled with weird music that was perhaps brought to its most Lynchian during this scene:

2 thoughts on “the Soda Pop Kids – Twin Peaks is an awesome way to tune up!

  1. aah, twin peaks memories. have you heard “ghost of love” from inland empire? i guess lynch wrote it… its pretty much perfect.

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