Obama talks some common sense

Chagrined as I have been regarding Obama’s immediate shift to the right following his becoming the presumptive nominee, I’ve been further incensed that he’s letting himself get pushed around by the press and the Republicans, who’ve goaded him into looking like a whiner. 

That’s why it’s great to see him showing some chutzpah in this speech below (thanks to Papa Bear Greg at The Talent Show for finding it for me), in which he ridicules the Republicans for their ignorant mocking of his very rational and easy suggestion about tire inflation as one tool to combat the need for more oil: 

This is why we voted for this man in the primary (well, aside from the fact that Edwards was already out by the time we voted): he has charisma, speaks from a position of strength and knowledge, and doesn’t back down to the insanity of the right.  Or at least he did do all those things before he finally beat Hillary.  Let’s hope he stays the course on his way to defeating McCain.


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