Clout – “Save Me”

On the dawn of war between Russia and Georgia (not you, Atlanta!), I feel guilty about how this synthetic glam pop song from 1979 is stuck in my head!  But there it sits.

Clout were actually a South African band from Johanessburg that formed in ’77 and immediately started to have hits, but broke up in ’81 after realizing that they’d been on TV a bunch without actually getting any real cash out of the deal.  Too bad–don’t they look like a female version of Marc Bolan and sound like ABBA meets Gary Glitter meets Mudd?  There were rumors that their big hit “Substitute” was recorded in the studio by the band Circus and not by the gals, but if so, I don’t think it was the ladies’ choice, nor a reflection of their own ability to play their instruments.

Anyway, they reformed in 2005 and it’s my sincere hope that they scramble together a tour of the States.  But that won’t happen.  Until then, I can always read the guitarist’s poetry on her website.

P.S. As an aside, when you think about South Africa in 1979, does your mind do what my mind does, and go “APARTHEID! APARTHEID! APARTHEID! APARTHEID! APARTHEID! APARTHEID!”?

3 thoughts on “Clout – “Save Me”

  1. Give credit to the Soda Pop Kids for turning me on to this, leading me to then turn you onto this, you fucking credit stealing ponce.

  2. Credit where credit is due! Thanks to the Soda Pop Kids for letting me know about this band. They also introduced me to the Joneses, believe it or not.

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