Gary Glitter will be released from prison tomorrow

Gary Glitter’s finally getting out of jail for molesting an 11 and 12 year old girl.

The disgraced 1970s pop star, 64, is due to be released from a prison in southern Vietnam on Tuesday, and is expected to be deported to Britain.

I wish I could feel that Glitter had learned his lesson, but all signs point to his being an unrepentant pederast who seems to think that because Jimmy Page and David Bowie had sex with underage models back in the Seventies, he’s off the hook for being a child rapist now.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t get to live out his dream of moving to “Singapore or Hong Kong.”


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One thought on “Gary Glitter will be released from prison tomorrow

  1. Britain shipped him off to go molest children in other people’s countries, now he’s getting sent back. Yeah, it’s pretty suspect that all the countries he has lived in or hopes to live in since his expulsion from the UK are global centers for child sex trade and prostitution. I’m sad for the victims.

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