Queen – “The Wedding March”

My brother just got married to a wonderful woman, and I was able to see him off into the next phase of his life in style by helping out the DJ’s with a little music during the wedding reception.  Here was my grandest contribution: Queen’s “The Wedding March” from the Flash Gordon soundtrack:

This was the perfect tune for cutting the cake–it was a traditional wedding song (known as “Here Comes the Bride,” though actually it’s taken from a ditty by Wagner called the “Bridal Chorus“), it totally rocked out, and it was a good segueway from the DJ booth to transition things back to a dance party after the cake was cut.   I highly recommend getting this song on your iPod if you’re gonna be DJ’ing a wedding soon. 

Too bad Freddie Mercury died before gay marriage was legalized in California, or he could have come out to L.A. and gotten married here to his own song!  Though then again, I’m not sure if he was the marrying type.

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  1. Do you remember when I was thirteen or so and all punk rock, and Freddie Mercury died, and I went to an X show with a T-shirt on that said “Queen Still Sucks” on the front and “I’m Glad Fred’s Dead” on the back? I take it back and officially declare that I was wrong.

    Somehow the rumor got spread that my shirt said something along the lines of “Kill Faggot Freddie Mercury!” But I totally would never have gay bashed him–I just was mad because I’d read some quote of his where he’d said punk rock was “inarticulate.”

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