Dianne Feinstein turns her back on her promise to protect voting rights.

First Dianne Feinstein violated her oath to preserve the Constitution by voting for the FISA Amendment Act.  And now this shit happens.

She’s the Chairman of the Rules and Administration Committee, and came roaring into that position as an advocate of election reform.  And you can understand why–with the sneaky power plays in Florida in 2000 and the blatant election rigging by Republicans in Ohio in 2004, Democrats needed to make sure they dismantled the foundations for a fascist one-party state that the Republicans had been building for themselves both quasi-legally and illegally during the Bush years.  And a big portion of that was making sure that electronic voting machines could not be rigged, which meant a fool-proof backup system needed to be in place in case there was ever a concern about vote-rigging or vote-hacking.  And that meant a paper trail–which was one of the principal features of the Ballot Integrity Act that Feinstein helped get into Congress that failed due to Republican tooth-gnashing.

Unfortunately, it seems Feinstein has buckled to the pressure of the Republicans and is co-sponsoring a billthat has no teeth, which would practically enshrine into law the legitimacy of the same shaky Diebold machines that those of us who fear tyranny and love suffrage hate:

Recently, after the Ballot Integrity Act completely stalled out, Senator Feinstein, along with her original nemesis, Senator Bennett, introduced a new election reform bill: the Bipartisan Electronic Voting Reform Act of 2008. The new bill is generally similar to the old one, but with one crucial difference: it does not require electronic machines to produce a paper record.

Why does a left-leaning, moderate-to-liberal state that is growing more liberal all the time need a snivelling coward who can’t do her job as our Senator?  Maybe term limits on Senators would be a good idea.

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  1. Let’s hope the “Margaret Thatcher of San Francisco” retires after her term is over rather than turning into the female Robert Byrd.

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