Palin goes from most to least popular candidate

The favorability ratings for Sarah Palin slipped over just the course of this week.  Sure, the lustre of a charming female candidate from a rugged and mysterious state initially gave McCain a huge boost and stole Obama’s post-speech podium power.  But in the sober light of day, the more we know about Sarah Palin, the less we like:

Since Sept. 13, Palin’s unfavorables have climbed from 30 percent to 36 percent. Meanwhile, her favorables have slipped from 52 percent to 48 percent. That’s a three-day net swing of -10 points, and it leaves her in the Sept. 15 Diageo/Hotline tracking poll tied for the smallest favorability split (+12)** of any of the Final Four. [UPDATE: The Sept. 17 Diageo/Hotline tracking poll shows Palin at 47 percent favorable and 37 percent unfavorable–an even narrower +10 split.] Over the course of a single weekend, in other words, Palin went from being the most popular White House hopeful to the least.

It’s probably no coincidence that as Palin’s star has started to fall, Obama’s lead has ever-so-slightly returned.  It’s my guess that as Troopergate escalates and Palin’s total inability to grasp foreign policy becomes apparent, her advantage to the McCain ticket will become zilch.  And that goes double for when the Hillary Dems who’ve abandoned the party slowly start realizing they still want a healthy planet and a pro-choice President.

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